Thursday, June 12, 2003

Thanks to my readers! I really appreciate the nice notes and baby photos you've been leaving me over comments, guestbook, or e-mail. You gals are so sweet! :)

The endoc. appt was with the nurse prac. and she basically looked me over and then went over my lab results. Now that I'm pregnant they want to monitor my thyroid and insulin more closely because I may need a higher dose of levoxyl and things progress and then there gestational diabetes to worry about. Everything except my insulin stuff was in range and fine. She said I need to try to control the insulin bit with diet and exercise and I explained that I'm on bedrest and I'm also pukey so I'll give it a shot but I know for sure it's not going to be perfect. She was very sympathetic and said when she was pregnant all she wanted first trim. was potato chips and lemonade. (I want sourdough bread toast and ginger ale!)

I have another lab in 8 weeks and I can do it at their office now and not go to the lab nazi's. Hurrah! I also have an appt. with Dr. H. in 10 weeks for a lab result review.

Next Thurs. I think I'm going to do a short walk and see how I feel rather than jumping right back into water aerobics class. Then prehaps the next Tues I can get to class. Today after my parents dropped me off after the appt I just crashed out. So tired.

I'm going to try to get Paul to help me cook over the weekend. I can deal with prep work but I can't deal with the smells from the actual cooking so maybe if I get everything ready til the last few steps he can take over from there. Otherwise it's going to be another week of frozen foods and sandwiches.

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