Tuesday, June 17, 2003

Never ate the pizza for dinner. I had pb&j instead. So I are it for breakfast and it went down well. I've put the bands back on so perhaps that's part of the reason. I'd taken them off for the last 2 days because the seams itch me. Thanks you gals for telling me it will get better. I believe you, I do. (But then what choice do I have? Haha. :) )

Strange taste in my mouth has made tap water, Publix water, and Zephyrhills water unbearable. The only water I like is Dasani water right now. Angie wanted to know if this is the "metallic" taste you are supposed to get in the 7th week or so. All I know if that it makes things taste strange. Milk is def. off my list for a while. Orange juice is iffy -- sometimes it sits and others times it doesn't.

Today is my last day of bedrest and I saw some brown spotting come back when I used the bathroom. Does that I mean I have to rest for another whole 7 days?! I am going to go nuts! Have to call nurse and ask. Poo!

I told Paul to talk to the Peanut and tell it to stop harassing me so. He looked amused and asked if "Just wait til your father gets home!" was going to become my new line. I was too distracted scratching my stomach all over to answer him. Ugh. I itch! Itch! Itch!

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