Friday, May 30, 2003

Woke up at 3 AM needing to pee so I took another test -- still 2 lines. Back to sleep. Got up at 8 AM, temps still high. Took Levoxyl and the Advair and it made me gag so much I threw up. Ew! Rotten, bastardly Advair. Poo! Brushed teeth, washed, dressed. Drove to doc's office.

Once there checked in, gave pee sample, got weighed, blood pressured, sent to an exam room and then Sari walked in with all smiles and congratulations. My (6th!) pee test was 2 lines at the doc's office. Gave Sari my chart and said she'd rather go by the beta rather than by calendar to tell me how far along I am since my cycle is so long and unusual. Had quantative beta done and will know from that Tues or Wed. how far along I am. I'm guessing I'm closing in on 4 weeks. Sari and the lab lady both had a Dr. G. deliver their kids and they both liked him and his nurse-midwife so next week I'll set up my first appt with the OB. If I like him I'll keep him, otherwise I'll have to find someone else I like.

Came home. Told Paul. He asked me several times if I was yanking his chain or what. I kept telling him that I wasn't trying to mess with his mind and he accused me of having done it before. Called Dr H. (Endoc.) and Dr. P. (allergist) so I can have my meds updated. Paul overheard me while getting his keys and came to the kitchen with a strange look on his face and said if I was making calls then I def. wasn't teasing him and that somewhere betweem leaving the house and getting to work it would sink in and he'd be in shock.

I'm not in shock. I'm pleased, queasy, and I'm going back to sleep. Maybe when I wake up later I'll have more time to be more shocked about it.

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