Sunday, May 04, 2003

  • What: Swimming

  • Duration: 40 minutes

  • Distance: 1 mile

Boy, I am TAN! Whatever didn't toast yesterday at the beach got toasted today at the pool despite my hat and hiding beneath a towel. I have to get more sunscreen when we shop this afternoon. Swim was good although we got there at 10:30 rather than 10 and I think next weekend we'll try to make it on the hour rather than later because now that school is letting out there were loooooads of kids there and they didn't stay out of the lap lanes. Got the mile done and then we ate lunch and played around a bit. When it was adult swim time (last 15 min out of every hour) we were in the deep end some little boy demanded to know how old we were because it was adult swim and it was not fair that we were still in the pool when all the kids had to get put. Holly and I informed him that we were 28 and 27 respectively and he hmmphed and told us we had to be lying and he looked like he was trying to figure out how to complain about us sneaking into adult swim. We laughed at him and resisted the urge to go "Nyaaaaah! Nyaaaaaah! We're in the pool and you aren't! Nyaaaah!"

Very adult, I'm sure. Hee!

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