Saturday, May 24, 2003

I dreamt a lot of weird things last night. That I was in a Three Investigators book trying to solve a mystery. But that's because I've been on a kid book kick and reading a lot of them. I also dreamt I was doing the Disney half marathon. Only instead of starting through Epcot, we started through MGM and Downtown Disney which were strangely intertwined. Then after doing about 6 miles, these ladies and I decided to stop for a snack at one of their hotel rooms. And one of my college photography teachers showed up. Then I asked if we shouldn't get back to the race so we did. But then by mile 10 it started to rain, and for some reason I took a bus home -- my childhood home, not my current home. Once there I found my sister watching TV and she asked me why I just didn't finish the race since I was practically done and I was wet from the rain any way. I didn't have an answer.

I suspect being sick all week and not getting any walks done has been preying on my mind.

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