Friday, May 02, 2003

  • What: Water Aerobics

  • Duration: 60 minutes

DIdn't write last night so here goes...It's been so nice the last couple of times that I wanted to get to class early to do laps but I only got there about 20 min early rather than 45 like I wanted. Putting sunscreen all over and John Frieda's "life preserver" in my hair took a LOT longer than I thought. Class was nice and small for a change -- less than 10 people instead of 20+. So I didn't have to run away to the middle lane and I had plenty of room. Wore the new bathing suit and I liked it a lot -- very supportive

Near the en dof class I overheard one of the other people in class talking. I overheard one older woman wonder what those "jigglies" were called (ie: triceps) and what to do about them and another older woman tell her that there is nothing she could do because as people got older the muscle "just comes off the bones" and you can't get it back on.

Eeek! I know that isn't true, and of course with weight training and body fat loss you CAN lose the jigglies but the image of my muscles falling OFF my bones just totally grossed me out! Boy, the strange myths you hear...

I made fresh rye bead and mom's pecan pinwheel bread. They turned out well but I think with the pecan one I will add some cinnamon next time. Off to go take it to mom now...

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