Tuesday, May 27, 2003

Some spotting... on 9 DPO! I decided to take an HPT and it was 2 lines. So tomorrow morning I'll take another if it's another 2 lines then I'll make a Friday or Monday appointment at my GP to get a blood test done. I'll have to show Sari my wacky chart.

I've had false plus lines before so I'm not going to get wound up over it until I get a blood test confirming it.

Pregnancy.org has a nice pregnancy calendar. I was reading the last few entries with a conception date of May 18th.

May 26 -- Early pregnancy symptoms include sore breasts, cramping, mild nausea, fatigue, increased irritability, or sometimes you might not feel anything at all -- in which case you're blessed.

May 27 -- Morning sickness could set in. Your brain might not know your pregnant but your body sure does.

May 28 -- The blastocyst contacts the endometrium.

So things look interesting...

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