Friday, May 30, 2003

Bigs hugs and thanks to all the reader well wishes and good vibes! It's great to hear from all of you and I'll be sure to share the comments with Paul when he's home. Special congrats to Wendy, since she's going one week ahead of me through her first pregnancy! :)

Slept a lot, and ate 2 toasted sourdough and cheese sandwiches for lunch with ginger ale. Tres exciting fare. But I'm not quite so queasy so that's a plus. Just farty -- that's the latest thing I suppose -- feeling like I want to fart and not actually being able to toot one. When I hear the first heart beat at a check up I will probably feel it is more "real" but right now it just feels like weird indigestion.

My allergist is not in til next Tues, but the doc on call told me to quit the Advair (hoooorayyyyy!) and since I just had my first shot this week, probably to quite the shots too since it hadn't built up to a beneficial level yet (hooooooorayyyy!), and the nurse called in a pescription for a different inhaler (boo! hiss!). I hope it tastes better than the Advair. Dr. P. will call me next week to reconfirm all this.

Dr. H. wants me to quit the Glucophage and I had to change my June 27 appt to June 9, so now I'll have to go June 2 for my bloodwork so they have it for the 9th. Dizzying instructions! I don't get to see him -- I'll see Julie, nurse practitioner. They're probably going to want to monitor my thyroid.

Shoot. Just realized I forgot to call Dr. Y., the dentist, so I can get my cleaning and Paul's cleaning out of the way.

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