Thursday, May 29, 2003

  • What: Water Aerobics

  • Duration: 60 minutes

First workout in a while and I feel good about getting through it but it was by no means the BEST workout ever.

First I put on my blue bathing suit and the plastic clip in the back broke off. That does it for me -- I'm NEVER buying a bathing suit with any kind of plastic thingie on it. I scrounged around for the purple Speedo, got it on (thank goodness it fits better now) and sped to the pool. Once in class, I had to do a lot of the moves with my eyes closed because with my eyes open, all that bobbing around was making me feel queasy. My breasts hurt like crazy too -- they're tender and I was really glad for the support in the speedo but even so... I couldn't go too hard because they just ache. Then I got hungry --- super duper hungry. I've been noticing that if I'm not queasy I am ravenous. So that was distracting and I was getting a bit grumpy but now that I've eaten, rested, and feel more settled, I'm glad I went.

Some sharp little needle-like pain in my lower abs today, minor queasy, but very sore boobs. Some chest muscle pain in between boobs too. Spotting again a tiny bit this evening. Oh, and I had a bloody nose, but I'm pretty sure that's from my stupid Rhinocort nose spray. Dr. P said to go back to Rhinocort because it's better if I'm pregnant than the Nasonex. But the Rhino always gives me nosebleeds because it dries my nose so much. Blah.

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