Tuesday, May 06, 2003

Fuuuuuuck. Last week?!

I was talking to Adrith yesterday over lunch and she told me she was glad I'd forwarded some Disney e-mail because they'd opened extra slots for the half-marathon and she made it in. It's a popular race. I remember staying up the night registration was to open just so we could sign up and be in for sure. We talked about training again. We've been kicking that around for months trying to decide what to do.

I know I want to keep water aerobics and lap swim in, because I really dig it.

I know I want to work in more weights because training gets so cardio intensive I feel like it neglects strength sometimes.

I've experimented with schedules and printed them out trying to fit in everything I want -- including at least one whole day of rest and some easy workout days. I decide to go with one and then another looks better. Fuss, fuss. Then I gave up on it and decided just to go back to tried and true -- a modified Walking magazine's marathon schedule first and then the NF schedule (really Galloway). 37 weeks, people. And I should have started last week. Hence... fuuuuuck. :P

We start here then. Week 2, Tuesday. Off to treadmill. 45 min stroll. Sigh.

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