Monday, May 26, 2003

Been missing them the last few rounds... so here goes...

Progress Prompt:

Now that summer has started (at least in some areas), what are your thoughts and feelings about wearing a bathing suit? Have you purchased it yet? If so, what does it look like? Where did you buy it? How did you feel when you bought it? Do you have a pool where you live and do you plan to use it regularly?

As far as I'm concerned, bathing suit season never stops in Florida. Granted in winter I seek out heated, preferably indoor pools, but I can still swim. So I've got bathing suits galore in a range of sizes! And since I've been taking water aerobics class for the last 9 mos. I go through them quickly.

I don't feel at all strange about wearing a bathing suit. I'm there to swim or aerobicize, not lounge around. I know some people get shy about it because bathing suits show it all. I don't. I'm not going to be wearing something too sexy, but neither and I going to hide in shirts, shorts, or worse yet -- skirted, flowery horrors. The only thing is that it is usually a one piece with sufficient bra support. I have a large bust and I just cannot deal with flimsy suits or boob jiggle.

I'm constantly looking for them on sale online, ebay, Target, Ross, department store clearance, etc. I don't care where it comes from or what brand it is. So long as it is a one piece with good bra support and fits well, I take it. I'm actually a bit desparate at the moment to get another because I'm down to one functioning bathing suit since I had to return the tankini-looking-but-really-a-one-piece red and blue one because it broke at the beach. I'm always ahppy with the ones I buy because I do a lot of wriggling in the dressing room to make sure the fit is good. I've yet to have one disappointment as far as fit goes. But damn... constantly being on swimsuit patrol whenever I'm out in a shop can be tiring. Just yesterday I hit Nordstrom, Lord & Taylor, JCPenney, and Dillards! came home with nothing -- way too flimsy for class.

My favorite kind? Reversible so I get it both fully lined and can change colors/patterns at whim. It's also either a racerback or a cross back -- those offer the best support for me. No clips, hooks or decorative items. They always break or fall off! But reversibles are hard to find... so I keep looking.

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