Thursday, September 18, 2003

Wendy asked about exercise in pregnancy.

If I don't report it here somewhere, I haven't done it. So the last time I took a measured short walk was.... um... 8/30 so that's 19 days ago. Unless you count more mall walking, but I forgot to wear my pedometer the last couple times so I don't count it.

My annual pool pass expires next month and I don't plan on renewing until after baby. What few times I want to go to the outdoor pool between here and there I'll just fork over the $2. The weather hasn't been cooperative and I don't have many warm pool days left after October. So water aerobics through winter like last year is out. (Pregnant people aren't supposed to swim in cooler than 84 deg water.) I also have to freeze my gym membership beause that's just going to waste.

This lack of consistant exercise bothers me a little because it is one of the few things where my expectations about pregnancy were wrong.

Emotionally and mentally -- I've been right on. The whole time we were TTC, after we got the doc's confirmation, up to now -- it's been what I expected.

I expected to get bored/tired of sex during TTC so when it happened, it wasn't a big deal. I expected it to take a lot longer than the 12 mos we were at it so that was kind of a surprise but not unpleasant. I was excited and crying when I got home from the doc's and they had confirmed that I was pregnant. The spotting episode was a bit worrisome but not too worrisome -- I knew it wasn't unusual to have. The detachment in first trimester when morning sickness was really bad and the start of baby bonding in 2nd? No problem. Paul's commented several times how weird it is that we're so calm even though we're expecting the first baby.

On the exercise, I had expected workouts to have to change as I changed shape but I didn't expect them to disappear.

I did not expect morning sickness to wipe me out so bad nor to continue into 2nd trimester. I mean, I knew there might be morning sickness, I just didn't expect it to this degree! I knew I might feel tired, but I didn't expect it to be sooooo tired I can't make it through a trip for groceries without a 3 hour nap afterwards! I expected to be struggling with shortness of breath and getting up out of bed in third trimester, but not before 20 weeks! I keep having labor dreams. I want relief! Didn't expect to start with that until closer to my due date. I didn't expect carpal tunnel to bother me so bad. I'm convinced I'm getting swollen feet but Paul says I have hobbit looking feet all the time any way so he can't verify whether they really are swelling or not.

Every night before bed I make the next's days "To Do" list. Stuff I don't complete gets carried over to the next day. Somewhere on my list of things for today between cleaning the green bathroom and making dinner I have a 15 min walk penciled in. I don't know if I will make it that far but I keep trying... and I'm getting really tired of carrying that one over!

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