Sunday, September 28, 2003

So I turned 28 years old yesterday. (Sat.) We were up late watching Star Wars so soon after midnight I got birthday kisses and Paul surprised me with a pair of garnet earrings. He doesn't typically give me jewlery because he has such a hard time picking it out but he told me he was determined to surprise me for once and he did.

Unfortunately we have to go exchange them later today because while he tried to get me a pair with a hook back rather than a post back since he knows I like those better, they are a wee bit too small to fit me earlobes comfortably on one side. My piercings are slighty uneven.

If I knew for sure we were having a little girl I'd save them for her, but since I don't know I asked him if he minded if i changed them for a garnet pair with post backs instead. He said to go ahead and change the backs if I wanted or change the stone or whatever I liked best because he saved the receipt just for that reason. I was surprised by the garnet -- so I asked him what made him pick that. He told me originally he was thinking of sapphires but then he decided I have that already so he wanted something different.

He made me laugh when he said, "You are out of luck, babe, on diamonds or emeralds because when I looked it was just waaaay too expensive for me!"

Mom and Dad took us out for dim sum and gave me a card with lucky money in it.

Paul and I spent the rest of the day at the Orlando Science Center. Pulse was excellent. I had some problems going up the steps to our seats in the cinedome though because we stayed for 3 movies and each time it was up and down those steep stairs twice. The feeling of vertigo was def. there! He was pushing me up the stairs a few times and telling me not to look down. A lot of neat exhibits and things to playwith. It's not as big as the Museum of Science and Industry in Tampa but it is nice.

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