Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Very grumpy. My parents drove me to my 3 hr. GTT and just like in the 1 HR one, I started feeling funky a little over an hour after I chugged that foul glucola. Last time I managed to drive home and lay down, this time I didn't make it. I tried laying down in my parent's van but no dice. I just puked it all up into the parking lot.

So my test was discontinued,they sent me home, and at my OB appt. tomorrow Dr. G. will tell me if he wants to try it again or what.

I prefer they just assume I have GD, give me the GD diet, and give me some other kind of test to see if I will require insulin shots. Or send me somewhere where I can take this damn test eating jellybeans rather than suffering with glucola. Because I already know I'm insulin resistant from PCOS, so what's the bloody point?!

And today's 2nd lab nazi commented that I have a bruise on my arm and asked if I bruise easily and I looked her in the eye and told her no, it was from LAST week when I came to have blood drawn and I do not bruise easily. I have to give her credit -- her stick is not bruised... the 1st lab nazi did bruise me a bit though. You'd think with all the people they have to draw blood from they'd get good at it faster. Sigh.

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