Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Back from the OB appt this morning. Here's the summary:

1) Baby's heartbeat is strong and we also heard it moving. So s/he's fine. Took a bit to locate with the Doppler -- seems very active today.

2) My blood pressure is normal and weight is fine.

3) My iron is 11.7. Last time was 11.9. So not a big difference but they want me to try to get it to 12 and because if it gets down to 11, then I have to take a supplement. (Anemia is common in the later part of pregnancy).

4) The 3 Hr GTT results for the 2 draws they could get yesterday before I puked has not come in. I had a hemoglobin A1C done (ie: another blood draw! Gah!). Depending on those two results, then Dr. G. will decide what the next step is. He told me that the A1C will not show anything if I do have gestational diabetes with sugar levels in control but will show if my sugar is out of range and since that what is more what they are worried over, it should be good enough. He apologized over my feeling sick/throwing up after both GTTs and he said he knows it tastes terrible.

5) My AFP and triple screen test from last visit was returned normal. So no neural tube defects, Down's Syndrome, Turner's, placenta problems, etc. to be fretting over.

6) Had a throat culture because I had mentioned a sore throat and strange chills and he wanted to rule out any infection. I'm to take plain Robitussin or plain Tylenol if I need it for this cold I seem to be getting.

Now I'm tired and I want to eat something and nap so I can make some more blood for the vampire lab nazi's to take out of me at my next lab appoinment in two weeks. Thrills!

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