Friday, September 12, 2003

19 Weeks. I'm getting used to waking up with my shirt all crusty from nipple leak but I keep wondering why it all happens on the left side and not the right?

Cletus-the-fetus has been very active since last night's trip to Wal-mart for more yarn. I keep wondering when Paul will be able to feel these movements because to me they get stronger and stronger. It was weird walking too -- my stomach has gotten big enough so that I feel it swaying slightly when I walk. Cletus should be creeping up on 10 oz in weight and 10 inches in length soon -- no wonder! I heard this clicking noise in my back when I was walking around yesterday too -- that was a bit alarming. My posture is going to pot and I REALLY want to book a massage. Paul told me he's going to tie one of my dumbells to my neck to hand behind me to counterbalance Cletus so I'll stand straight. Weirdo.

I had leftover yarn from a Xmas present blanket I made last year and I felt I had just enough to make a gingham baby blanket from the rest. Granny square motifs but you arrange the squares so it looks like a gingham check pattern. Came really close and one more roll would wrap it up -- only guess which color is not in stock at the moment? That's right -- the blue that I need!

I picked up knitting needles and other yarn for a baby sweater instead. I haven't knitted since my 2nd year in college so it took me a while to remember how to cast on. I gave it a whirl, got impatient and switched back to crochet direction for the sweater -- it's just so much quicker!

Got the chills agian in the shower -- Paul tried to warm me up and made me go write this down in my baby notebook so the next time we see the OB (next week) we can ask about this. It's starting to disturb him when I start shaking like that and cannot stop.

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