Friday, September 05, 2003

Mom and Dad are home from the funeral and called to tell me it was a nice send off. Mom said she was glad I wasn't there -- it was just too exhausting with the 100+ people who came and sitting there for 6 hours was draining. Mom's never viewed and open casket before -- not even with other relatives who have passed on but she said this time she braved it and was very impressed with how nice they made her look -- very natural. Dad is handling it fine.

She asked me how I was doing and other than this annoying headache and my nipple gone mad with itching I'm fine. Mom was surprised when I told I'd started leaking out of the left side because she wouldn't have expected that til later on but she told me when it happened to her that she used some gauze in her bra. It's not enough of a leak to merit a real breast pad but it does leave little damp dots on my shirts so that's a bit annoying. She made me laugh when she told me to be sure it was real gauze and not Kleenex or something because it would fall apart and I told her I wasn't much keen on picking paper off my nipples.

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