Sunday, September 14, 2003

Dad called to tell me my Miami cousins showed up so we had to go over there to visit for a bit -- one of them hadn't seen me since I was 9 yrs old. Kind of screwed up my plans for getting new glasses so we gave up on trying to do any errands and just took the day off. Today we have to go deal with the glasses and the rest of the errands. After we ate, Cletus-the-fetus started kicking up a storm! We sat in the car for a bit after pulling into the driveway and Paul felt my stomach. He said he's not sure but he thinks he felt something and that it felt weird. We'll try again later.

I slept soooooo good! New twin bed feels great -- nice and firm and nothing poking me in the back. So until we get the pets moved and I can go back to the queen with Paul, I feel better sleeping on the twin. If all goes well we can get this cage going and move the iguanas before the end of the month.

Kind of anxious about the 3 hr GTT. Not a whole lot I can do about it but I'm anxious any way.

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