Thursday, September 11, 2003

Sore throat bugging me still -- hate to be sick. Drinking water like crazy!

Mom wanted an inventory of baby clothes so she can figure out what is "missing" and what not to buy. So I counted everything and I think I'm about done from 0-6 mos. What few things I need more of -- socks, bibs, I'll pick up along the way. I plan to tell baby shower people if they get clothes to go 6-12 mos because there's no point in having MORE 0-6! Here's the totals:

  • 14 Nightgown/sleeping bags
  • 3 Hats
  • 3 Union suit no feet
  • 8 Union suit with feet
  • 30 Onesies/bodysuit
  • 4 T-sirt l/s
  • 2 T-shirt s/s
  • 1 pants
  • 1 overalls
  • 1 cardigan
  • 2 prs. socks
  • 3 prs booties
  • a dozen prefolds and a mess of diaper covers

The score? $202 in baby clothes, $196 in clothes for me. Is it any surprise when Mom asked me what I wanted for my birthday I told her cash or gift cards for maternity wear?

Overall though, I think we're doing well... I was trying to stay near $500 for duds for both of us and I've got another $100 to work with but most likely we'll go another $100 beyond that. I have to get me a maternity holiday dress and more underwear and baby needs more diaper stuff.

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