Thursday, September 25, 2003

21 weeks along. 52% of the way there. And I feel soooo icky. Apart from feling sick I woke up with this mystery pain in my belly button. Does this mean it is going to pop out soon? What's going on there?

One of the pregnant mice is being a freak near my desk -- jumping straight up in the tank and climbing upside down on the screen. I don't blame her one bit. If I could jump up on to my ceiling and crawl around there for a while I would!

Several of you have asked about pregnant pictures of me. I promise I'll get to it this weekend when we go out to the museum for my birthday. Apart from trying out the new Pentax, I know I'll be really sad later if I never get around to taking real, non-digital photos of myself.

Earlier this month when I was at 19 weeks, one of the relatives asked if I was showing "a little pot" yet or not so for a joke we e-mailed him a papa pot, an mama pot, and a baby pot. Cletus-the-fetus is 12 weeks old in the ultrasound. Pot Pix

I got a card from Lara yesterday which was nice. She's talking about TTC as soon as Dean settles into post-doc life.

I called the OB's office to see what came of that messed up 3 HR GTT and the hemoglobin A1C. I assumed since nobody called me back it was fine but Paul wanted to know so I rang them up. Now I'm waiting to hear back...

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