Friday, September 26, 2003

I usually try to eat a snack before I go tto bed so I will feel ok when I get up in the morning. Well, I slept late today because I felt so dang tired and too many hours without food passed. So I had a bad retching episode. Sigh.

The happy part is that Cletus-the-fetus was very active last night so I got to feel him squirming around and a few times I felt him on the OUTSIDE. I have to get Paul to hold my stomach tonight and see if he can feel the flutters. They feel really cool.

Got my new glasses from Lenscrafters so I can take my Visionworks pair back to be fixed (grr!) without being blind for 2 weeks. After this I don't think I'm ever doing Visionworks again -- we've done better with Lenscrafters.

Did I mention the OB nurse called and said my hemoglobin A1C came back normal? Thank goodness!

Somebody from the hospital called also to tell me if I want to do weekly Lamaze classes, it starts in Dec. and goes for 5 weeks and if I want to do it on weekends it starts in Jan. and goes for 4 weeks. I haven't heard about Bradley, a hospital tour, nor a doula. I feel like I spend my life on the phone.

I've been thinking about delivery and post-baby a lot. I want to breast-feed and I don't want to get pregnant again too fast by accident. So I have to ask the RE at my next appointment what I'm do to to keep my PCOS symptoms under control and if my meds will come out in breast milk or what. Paul and I talked about it and we're probably going back to condoms for a while as the easiest solution to the BC problem. And what about passing PCOS on to my daughter if it is a girl? And how does it affect a son? And what about my hypothyroid?

Haven't found too much on any of these thoughts in on-line PCOS pregnancy journals about this... most seem to deal with TTC problems. I have to see if I get any answers out of my PCOS books.

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