Sunday, July 06, 2003

Been laying low over the weekend since I was having growing pains all over. My right boob hurt one day, and then the left the next. Then all these stretchy-pulling feelings in my uterus. Or these zinging feelings somewhere down there but couldn't decide if it was labia or vagina or cervix or what. Very elusive. My waist is leaving and shopping for a bra and shorts is beomce more an more important to me -- only I cna't find any that fit right! Grrr!

Paul has rechristened my pregnancy "Cletus" now that it's become a fetus and gone past the embryo stage. I think I liked "Peanut" and the "Found A Peanut" song rather than "Cletus" and the "Cletus the Fetus" song.

Today over lunch Paul told me he'd told Greg he wasn't wigging out over it and he was taking things rather well. Greg had asked him how he was doing and how I was. "I was fine when you told me you were pregnant, I was calm doing the ER day, I was pleased with the ultrasound, everything about the first OB appointment was fine, didn't have a problem watching your pelvic exam, everything hunky dory."

"Until?" I prompted, knowing it was coming.

"Until the end of the appointment where they sent you to the lab room to have blood drawn."

"Really? I hate having blood drawn but I didn't think at was all that freaky to watch." He didn't have to see the needle go in or anything -- he wasn't even near me!

"No, it was when you were sitting in that chair with the nurse and I was sitting in the other chair across the room and there was that chart with the circles on the wall. "

"Oooohhhhhhh.... I know which chart!"

"Yes, the one with all the circles showing how many centimeter dialted each one would be. I started feeling really woozy after looking at the 10 cm circle. 10 cm is really big!"

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