Monday, July 28, 2003

This morning we set a new record for going from horizontal to vertical. Paul woke up yelling that he never heard the alarm and that it was 8:30 and we had 20 min to get to my appt. We both raced through teeth brushing and all that jazz without getting in each other's way -- amazing! We threw on clothes, snagged a video tape, and we were en route in 5 min. We showed up at the OB's at 8:51 for my 8:50 appointment. Whew!

Everything with me was fine. No weight gain since last month, and my lab work and Pap all came back fine except for my iron being a touch low at 11.9. The midwife said if it gets lower than 11 at the next lab they'll move me to a prescription vitamin with more iron in it. Headaches are letting up and I haven't thrown up in a few days so that was good. I'd chugged a bottle of water on the way over and I barely managed a pee sample for the strip test. No problems with the strip results -- yay.

"Cletus the Fetus" is also doing fine -- all the measurements were good, strong heartbeat at 166 bpm. Got to see him moving around which was neat. Saw him roll over, kick with his legs, and extend his arm to show off fingers. He also looked like he punched himself in the head with his hand and I told Paul later that he takes after his father minus the hammer. Took him a second to get it and then he laughed. (Paul's clonked himself on the head with many things, including the claw end of a hammer, can you imagine!?)

The tech. did all the things she had to do and then she popped in the tape to try to get us a few seconds of Cletus moving but it looked like he'd gotten tired from wriggling. So she was pressing down with the wand and jiggling my lower abs trying to get him to wake back up again. Eventually he did start squirming some more so on the tape we have a kick and a wave.

So it looks like these fluttery feelings I've been having lately *are* him punching or kicking me. Paul was surprised at how active he was but I was expecting that. Paul can't feel it happen from the outside yet but I'd been getting little clues with those weird little bubbly feelings.

I was a bit detached at my last u/s beause he was a blob that was making me very ill. This time I felt more kindly disposed towards him because he looked more recognizable as a tiny person in the making and over the weekend I had some nausea free moments.

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