Monday, July 28, 2003

Back from my parents' house. Mom was having computer problems so I had to go over and help her. I also had to take her some books she wanted and then of course, there's the 60 sec of ultrasound on tape to share. Dad washed and waxed my car for me (surprise!) while I was inside with mom making food and then lectured me on car maintanence (not a surprise).

I think my parents got a kick out of the ultrasound on tape -- it's new to them since neither me or Karen had ultrasounds. Dad asked me if Paul was going to attend the birthing and I said he planned on it. Dad got a weird look and told me one of his old coworkers brought in a tape of their kid's birth years ago and my dad saw some of it and he said it was just gross and he couldn't take it. Then again, he skipped my birth and then fainted when he tried to watch Karen arrive so Dad doesn't have a high tolerance for that sort of thing.

Mom suddenly asked me out of nowhere if when my baby was bigger and had birthday parties if he was going to have a pinata and I said "Sure, why not?" She said she was wondering because while that's par for the course in Panama, who knew what American kids had at their parties these days.

When Cletus-the-Fetus is big enough to hold a stick and give a pinata a good whap and old enough to have little friends, why not? We had oodles of pinatas growing up and I fondly remember the candy free for alls they turn into once the pinata is broken. The birthday person got 3 tries first and then had to get in line with the rest of the kids in age order. So all the little kids got a turn and then everyone had to wonder which one of the older-middle kids was going to be the one to crack that thing open and have candy showering down on them. I think it's better than Halloween!

I didn't tell mom this, but I decided long ago when I hit one of those "decade" birthdays I'm going to have my last pinata. Maybe 30, maybe 40, maybe 50 or over. I'm not sure which one... but definitely one more time in my life I'm going to be the FIRST one in line to hit. So there. :)

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