Friday, July 25, 2003

Read on a board somewhere that someone was feeling strange about breastfeeding because it didn't seem natural to her. While I know what is "natural" depends on what you have become familair with, to me it seems totally natural and it fits in with my expectations of baby care. I'm hoping I can manage it for at least 6 mos if not longer... and I look forward to it as bonding time with baby.

As a kid I got to see some of the women in my family breastfeed and both my SIL and my friend N. have breastfed in front of me. I probably won't go as far as some lady at the mall who just flipped up her top in the food court and fed her baby -- I'm too modest to do that with no blanket. But I can't imagine not doing it.

I feel soooooo tired! I just got up a few hours ago and I'm ready to hit the sack already. I so, so, so wish I didn't have this lab appt. Ungh.

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