Monday, July 07, 2003

On impulse I went over to Mom's today for most of the afternoon. She's decided to make me a tube sling and I chose this maroon material with guatemalan looking stripes from the box of fabric she had. It's not actually guatamalan material, just that it looks like it.

While Dad took a nap, Mom convinced me to go to Beall's to try to find drawstring shorts even though I was still pooped from shopping this weekend and finding nothing. I'm losing my waist and button shorts are driving me up the wall, but I only have one pair of drawstring board shorts that will do. If I could find another 2 like that I could make it through summer and 2nd trim. without having to buy anything else. The more I get along in this pregnancy, the more I regret that I do not know how to sew well. At least my mom knows how and she's very good at it. Holly can sew too so I suppose between the two of them if I get stuck they can help me out. Because if I don't find board shorts soon I'm going to look for a pattern and just make the bloody things!

Didn't find any shorts today, but I did get larger sports bra so that's a help. Mom got her first sports bra -- I can't believe she's waited this long to get one!

We oogled baby clothes and I came home with 3 "sleeper sacks" with the foldover hands because I wanted some and they are always so hard to find. Onesies, little shirts, blankets and stuff like that I can get later because you find those *everywhere* but I wanted to get these now since they were so cheap and they were foldovers to boot. Mom had no idea what I was talking about when I said I wanted sleeper sacks to bring home baby in with the folding hands so it took me a while to find one and show it to her and then she helped me comb through 5 racks to find the other 2 gowns. One is a solid yellow with the bottom that is open, but with elastic to keep it semi-bunched up and closed. The other two have totally closed bottoms and of those two, one is white with blue clouds and the other is white with green and yellow bears. All three have snaps up the front and long sleeves with a pocket on the end of the sleeves. When you invert the pocket over the end of the sleeve and over baby's hands, then his hands stay warm and he won't scratch himself in the eye or something. A lot easier to keep on in winter than eeny baby gloves or mittens and they won't get lost!

I told her I wanted to shop for the rest around Thanksgiving when the sales are on and I know what gender I'm having. I'm looking forward to that. Maybe Karen will be home for Thanksgiving and she can help.

Mom keeps telling me to get on with it and crochet a hat, but I've been working on a blanket instead. I've had to unravel the whole thing 3 times already so I'm starting to think there MUST be a mistake in the pattern. I'm going to do it one more time and if I have to unravel it again, I'm forsaking this pattern and going with a new one!

Bad headache this evening so I had to take Tylenol and go lay down. Now I'm drinking a Dr. Pepper I really don't want just to see if the little bit of caffeine helps.

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