Wednesday, July 09, 2003

Paul comes home tomorrow. Yay! However short his business trips are, I'm always glad for him to be home. Last night while we were talking on the phone we got into common fears about sex in third trimester that I'd read somewhere.

"Ok, the fear that having sex will somehow harm the baby."

"I can understand that one," he said. "I bet that's the number one most common."

"The fear that sex will bring on labor."

"Ok, I can see that too, esp. near the end."

"Feeling weirded out while having sex when the baby starts moving around in there."

"I never thought about that. Still understandable if it bugs you to have baby kicking back."

"Fantasies that the baby is peeking at your penis or about to bite it off."


"I swear it was in there!" me with the giggle fits.

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