Sunday, July 20, 2003

  • What: Mall walk
  • Distance: 1 mile

Rained yesterday. We went to eat at the mall, get the JCPenney baby/maternity catalogs, and the cruise toys'r'us w/ a kids'r'us in it to check prices on things so we know what ranges to expect them in. The walking was nice, but I got a leg cramp -- same twitchy leg with the squiggly nerve thing from last August.

Found some things, but I'm going to have to keep collecting price ranges elsewhere because I didn't see any baby monitors and other small items I wanted to know about. (Crib sheets, people! Why aren't there any nice sane ones?)

Paul and I both liked the Jeep Cherokee lightweight stroller best of that collection -- easy to collapse, smooth driving, and seemed pretty sturdy. It was in grey, darker gray and yellow accents. Some of the others were annoying to steer but I pointed out it might not be the stroller but an abused floor model. Then again, if a floor model can't take adults checking it out, I don't see how it will survive a kid using it! Paul was disgusted with one stroller because he couldn't figure out how to collapse it. He was turning it over, pushing on things, poking it... his Care Bear "baby" was falling out of the seat being mashed... so funny! But neither he nor I could ever get it to collapse. Too fussy. Neither one of us liked the baby bucket & stroller combo. What a pain in the ass to get the bucket part off the stroller part! If we can avoid baby buckets, we will. I'd much rather sling -- when we carried our nieces around in bucket seats they kept banging our legs. Ugh.

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