Thursday, July 31, 2003

13 weeks. Hello, 2nd. trimester! I'm feeling ok, but tired. Nap a lot. Had some gaggy moments but no hurling so that's a nice change. I'm becoming sex obsessed too. Erotic dreams and uncontrollable urges to get laid NOW. I'd chase Paul around with lecherous intent if it wasn't for the fact that I poop out so easily lately. I told him sooner or later I'd have the energy to catch him and for now I'd just think dirty thoughts in his general direction.

We watched the ultrasound tape again and this time we caught Cletus-the-fetus yawning twice. We missed that earlier. It gets easier to see the more I get used to watching ultrasound images. At first there's just too much static and blur.

Double date last night -- met Adam and his gf to see Polyester. We'd never seen it on the big screen but since the Enzian is doing cult movies now it was cool to go watch it. We ate out at the Olive Garden and then went to Borders to kill time first. I got a yoga book for pregnancy so I don't have to drive myself crazy with my other books trying to figure out what is comfortable while pregnant and what is not.

So long as it doesn't rain, I'm hitting the pool tonight. Cross your fingers!

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