Saturday, July 26, 2003

I cleaned my desk anbd found the sheet I was tracking my workouts on for a Pesidential Sports Award. I'm a bit bummed out that I didn't get to finish it before morning sickness totally derailed me and now I'll have to start all over! Poo! :P

We had a quiet day -- slept in, went to lunch at Pizza Hut since we both were craving pizza, then we went to Salvation Army and got some books, and then SuperTarget to price baby crap. The linens and clothes were in much calmer patterns, but the stuff like strollers and swings and things were a bit better at Kids'R'Us. They had some maternity pj's and undies too so that was nice -- I don't think the regualr Target near my house has that.

I finally found the tape measure and my waist is 2 inches bigger. No wonder I hate my other shorts!
Been itching all over too -- very annoying.

Day after tomorrow we get the ultrasound... I'm getting more and more excited and I keep hoping everything is shaping up well.

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