Thursday, July 24, 2003

12 weeks. I am soooo tired. Cletus (the fetus) must be up to something because I am worn out and I haven't been doing anything particularly exciting.

Still trying to get a grip on the nausea thing coming back after enjoying a good long stint without it. Still not sure if I'm going to the pool or not. Still not keeping up with my house despite the fact that this weekend I have to go get kitchen estimates for a small remodel. Evil headache won't quit. My body is changing so much I can't keep up. Still feel fluttery things going on so I must be growing a dancer or acrobat. Cramps suck.

Dad called yesterday because he realized we went to see David Copperfield the magician, and not David Copperfield the story. He was so annoyed to have missed it and wanted to know why I didn't tell him! I said I did call them to tell them I was buying tickets and he told me next time to talk to him and not my mother because she'd gotten it muddled up thinking we were going to go see a play.

The show was VERY good, and Paul and I both had a great time. His illusions are always so stellar! He's very charismatic too.

Then Dad wanted to know how I was doing and how much weight I've gained and if I feel sick. I do feel sick, I've put on 3-4 lbs first trimester, and other than feeling tired, I feel mostly ok. I complain, but it's isn't anything I can't deal with. Then he told me to let him know if Paul changing out the light switch helps or not and hung up.

Paul changed out a bedroom light switch for me last night because the day before I kept hearing/seeing crackles whenever I turned it on. Since we didn't hear it crackling with electricity when the light was on, Paul said it must be the switch's fault because it only happened when the swithc was toggled up or down. So now it's fine. Hooray.

Paul gave me a great back rub the other night -- and in a few weeks we're going to make spa appointments for our anniversary like last year at the Wyndham. I am soooo looking forward to that! Or maybe I'll try the Greenhouse Spa instead... and consider splurging on a series of six -- on for every month left in this pregnancy. That would be lovely. Siiiiiigh.

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