Friday, July 18, 2003

Feel blah still but dragged myself to do groceries. Got a 1st degree hypertension warning this time. Maybe I just don't like to do groceries any more. I know for sure I hate this brutal heat!

Midwife told me to rest if I feel weird, not to stress because grocery store thingies are not always accurate, and that if I feel truly bad or faint to go to ER. I see the OB practice for check-up/ultrasound in less than 2 weeks but she said if I want to be seen sooner they'll move me up. About the advice I expected, and I'm not unhappy to be reassured but still... I miss feeling perkier. This weak feeling and semi-dizzy thing is a drag. Add the queasy and it sends me over the edge.

Mom called again to tell me she's working on the baby sling and that she is using my Dad as the model since I'm a few inches shorter than Dad and Paul is a few inches taller so he's middle ground. Mom can't use herself because she's the shortest of all of us. I told her I felt strange and she said to rest and to just wait til later when I start to feel stranger.

I still feel these fluttery things in my lower abs too. If that's fetal movement, and this fetus is busy punching me and swimming about no wonder I feel weird!

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