Sunday, November 09, 2003

We got home form the wedding around 9 PM. I crashed out and apart from waking up a few times during the night to pee, slept really well. Baby got active closer to morning so I went ahead and got up. And my back feels great. Hurrah for maternity belts!

It was all held at the restuarant in various spots. The service was outdoors in the side garden and very short. I was a bit surprised to see the bridesmaid's all wearing black and carrying creamy-pink tea roses -- a bit somber for a wedding but from a practical point of view, reusing a black evening dress type thing is a lot easier than trying to reuse a bridesmaid's dress that's too weird or frilly so I thought it was a great choice.

I have to remember to learn the Lord's Prayer (Padre Nuestro) in English. Paul didn't say it, but I said it quietly in a mixture of English and Spanish because I started out in English like everyone else in the congregation but then got tired of mentally translatating in my head so finished it up in Spanish. I never learned any of the prayers in English as a child whenever I have to say them I have to think it in Spanish but make it come out in English. It's weird.

When it was done we all went to this porch area to collect seating assignments and sign the guest book -- no receiving line. Then we got fruit/cheese/crackers/drinks from the litle buffet table and bar and hung around chatting with Paul's coworkers until a waiter announced that the dining salon was open. The bridal party came last so the DJ could introduce them all.

We got assigned to a table with Ira. Not exactly a coworker, but someone Paul knows from work and someone that I've met quite a few times. His grilfriend and then his younger brother and his wife were the other people there. Turns out the younger brother and his wife only got married 2 weeks ago, and we hear Ira and Karen may be getting engaged soon so there was a lot of wedding talk/comparisons. When Mike found out we eloped an then just threw a welcome home party after the wedding he told me that is what they would have liked instead.

"Oh, did you get pressured into a bigger one by family and stuff?" I asked him.

"Did I say that?!No....not me!" he rolled his eyes.

I laughed at him.

We talked about honeymoons and places to go, having kids, and chit chat like that in general. It amused me that all of the coworkers who haven't seen me in a while told me I looked great or fabulous or exquisite pregnant. What else would you tell a pregnant lady? That she looks like a wreck? LOL.

Other than me and Deborah (another coworker of Paul's) there were 4 other very pregnant ladies there. I don't think I've ever been to a wedding where there were THAT many people pregnant at once. It was kind of funny watching the bathroom door and the preggo parade.

Paul asked me to dance and I smiled and told him it was nice of him to ask but he was only asking because he knew I'd say no because of my shoes and being mega-pregnant. He grinned back. He NEVER wants to dance at weddings no matter how many times I try to coax him.

The lunar eclipse on the way out was nice -- hope someone got a picture of that for Dan and Lisa's wedding album.

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