Thursday, November 06, 2003

Had a dream where I kept Baby in a drawer in my childhood dresser and that Baby was really this weird plastic pink doll. Yet it still produced wet/pooey diapers so I spent all day jus changing it. I don't know what that was all about but it's the first dream I've had in a little while.

FedEx came early this morning to bring Paul his harp kit so I have a feeling he will be working on that tonight.

I may not get to wear that skirt to the wedding -- new stretch marks and much poochier belly. Sigh. When I tried it back on this morning and joked to Paul, "Ack! How dare he grow! My skirt is tighter!" he thought I said "How dare he growl?" Paul told me he then thought, "Growling... that's a new one...." This struck me as funny.

Baby is still knocking about but I'm in a much better mood and feeling alert and happy. Maybe that mythical 2nd trimester burst of energy finally arrived. I feel less draggy so I'm more kindly disposed again.

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