Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Up early so I can get Paul up and to his morning lab appt. to have his cholesterol checked. Not that it maks much difference -- I'd be up anyway. I'd just gotten to where I was sleeping comfortably and soundly for once when all of a sudden there's another problem with my sleep. This time it's not baby clonking around that wakes me, but my bladder urging me to pee.

[later at 4 PM]

Just got off the phone with Rochelle, my 1st doula match. I got a good impression from her so after I talk to Paul about it to see what he thinks, she's probably going to be the one we choose unless someone else impresses me more. Told her I'd call her back Mon.

I just want to check with Kathy, the doula coordinator, if I am supposed to be getting any other calls from prospective doulas or if she's giving them to me one at a time. She's not in the office til Fri., and I'm taking off for the weekend then so it's a bit awkward.

While the phone call is still fresh in my head:

  • Is she certified? Yes, CEF trained with Kathy, the doula coordinator.
  • Does she provide prenatal and/or postpartum visits? Yes, at my home, or meet for dinner for pre's, at my home for post's.
  • What can you expect during these visits, if offered? What will her role in early labor?
    How does she define her role during labor and birth?
    guidance, help, support --- was very long answer covering different things and how to help the father in his role. As I get closer to my due date she will be in contact via phone about every other day.
  • How many births has she attended? 50+ in the last something months/years -- I forgot it now that I didn't write it down while talking to her...doesn't do more than 2-3 clients due in the same month, been a doula for 3yrs, loves what she does and sounds like calm, sensible person.
  • Can she provide references? Yes, via CEF.
  • What types of births has she witnessed (Cesarean, epidural, intervention free, VBAC, teen birth, etc.)? Described her first one which was a forceps and another complicated sounding one I've now forgotten but overall her births seem to have gone pretty normal. She's done them at APH and birth centers. Also teaches hypnobirthing.
  • Her fee? Already dealt with via CEF -- didn't even ask her that part. Kathy covered it already.
  • Has she ever worked with your care provider or at your place of birth? Yes, worked with Terri and really enjoyed working with her, but has yet to work with Dr. G. It's luck of the draw who is on call the day I deliver. But she had great things to say about Terri's prescence and told me I was very lucky to get into one the best practices here. Which reminds me, after this next appt, I want to try to start alternating visits with her and Dr. G. both now that Terri is back and recovered from her surgery thing.
  • Does she has back-up arrangements available? Yes, via CEF network and she's also training a doula in hypnobirthing. I'd like to know names and speak to her back-ups if I can.
  • Will she provide labor support at your home prior to going to the place of birth? Yes.
  • Is she familiar with many methods of childbirth? Ask this one again -- I've forgotten her whole answer.
  • Misc: Lives 20 min away. She has email, but her web page is not yet done. Also has 3 kids : 18, 11, and 5. For hynobirth info she referred me to and if that is something we'd be interested in reading about. Is more than happy to play the bad guy in keeping people I don't want out of my delivery room.

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