Thursday, November 13, 2003

28 weeks, entering third trimester.

I'm so excited to be in the home stretch! Even more so for the ultrasound appt. I hope Cletus "tells" us if he's a son or a daughter... I'd like to start using his real name.

I'm taking a break from housework. It's very frustrating to want to clean things below waist-level and not be able to do it properly. I can sweep things into a little pile, but then bending down with the dust pan is hard. I really don't want to leave little piles around for Paul to get for me later. At least most of the house is not too horrible -- we've been cleaning quite a bit and it isn't so much mess or clutter as it is general dusting/sweeping to maintain the status quo plus sorting for Goodwill.

This morning I was trying to take digitial photos outside in the sun of the afghan squares I've done lately and they came out all weird. It's the dark yarns -- I just can't get a good texture shot with them no matter what I do. I think once all the squares are done, before I whipstitch I'll take new photos with the 35 mm SLR instead.

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