Thursday, November 20, 2003

29 weeks. Up early because I'm hyper about our ultrasound appointment at 8:50 AM. Last night we were watching the u/s tape from last time to get it to a blank space for today's appointment and both of us had forgotten how small Cletus was at 12 weeks. How big will he seem now in comparison?

My order shipped so if I'm lucky it might get here this evening or tomorrow. Whee!

[10:45 AM]

We are back, and I've scanned and posted the ultrasound pictures. Cletus-the-Fetus is a GIRL! A strong 166 bpm. Everything looked great, we got to see her swallowing, waving, kicking, rolling, her bones, heart, brain, amniotic fluid size, etc. She's measuring at 3.5 lbs, so 2 weeks ahead but nobody seemed overly worried.

Dr. G. spoke to us briefly once we got out of sono. He wanted to be sure we registered for a class, and just said we'd keep an eye on how she is developing and if she is still measuring ahead and looks like letting her go to 2/5 may make her hard for me to pass her vaginally, we may talk about inducing her a bit early. Paul knows I'd prefer to let her come at her own time but asked on the car trip home if the choice is inducing early or C-sect, what I would pick. I'd pick to induce early.

He also confessed that even though he would have been totally ok with either, he was secretly leaning towards a girl. I don't knwo how many times he patted my stomach on the way home. He's so cute giddy. :)

I'm on appts. every 2 weeks now. (!!!)

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