Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Just spoke to one of the two class coordinator people and she said I should have gotten my papers a while ago since we spoke Nov 4th for the weekend class of Dec 6th. Tour is part of class. She's sending me all that stuff again and I don't have to return anything -- I can just pay at the door when we show up to class. Supposedly I'll have it in tomorrow's post so I know what time and what room and all that.

I'm not holding my breath.

Paul's cholesterol labs came back -- overall chol. and LDL are ok, but his HDL And triglycerides could use improvement. Didn't check his blood sugar -- will have to make them check that later. With diabetes in his family I really worry about that.

My family practice will take newborns! Hooray! So the ped. on call can check baby out at birth and then Dr. B. or his staff can deal with me, Paul, and baby. I forgot to ask about after hour pediatric type calls though... I will have to call them back up to be sure I can speak to someone outside their office hours. Hopefully it will work out because it will be nice to have the whole family treated by the same people.

Just got off the phone with Dr. B's clinic and they told me there's a doc on call for after hours stuff. Good. One more thing off my checklist!

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