Friday, November 14, 2003

Had a rough night last night for many reasons:

  • Baby was very active and clonking around with no end in sight. Getting strong too -- a few of those kicks or punches made me wince!
  • I was going through this hot/cold thing where my blankets just weren't right or the pillow was getting hot on my face. Had to keep shifting positions to find a cool spot.
  • My hips hurt. I don't know if all the cleaning aggravated my hips or if it's that loose joint thing in pregnancy but man! I just could NOT get comfortable!
  • Bathroom breaks. These are getting old, fast.

Baby continues to clonk even though I'm up for the day already. I can only hope on ultrasound appt. day he's this active.

Speaking of appts... Off to my lab appt. at the endoc., to do some errands, and then Paul and I are freeeeeeee for the rest of the day! Whee!

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