Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Cletus is still active. Little sleep again. Sigh.

Stole the doula questions from here for a template and modified them to apply to my situation. So the packet is signed, the questionaire finished, the deposit check enclosed, and if I'm lucky before the end of the week I'll hear back from Kathy, the doula coordinator about who my potential doulas are.

Susie Hamster is a better organizer and housekeeper than the mouse. Both feed well, but the hamster keeps track of her babies and deals with them better -- goes out to collect them back if they wander off. She also cleans her nest daily. The mouse made a nest but I never see her rearranging things like Susie does and she leaves babies flung all around her tank when she's tired of nursing and walks off with babies still clinging to her underside. I have to keep putting them back in one corner. One I didn't see in time so it died because it never got fed.

The baby hamsters still have their eyes closed but have fur now so it's neat to look at the "cow" patterns on them in brownish-black and white. We're probably going to keep 1 girl... so I'm trying to decide which one has a recognizable pattern. They also walk around the tank blindly and it's cute to watch them trying to coordinate their back legs with their front legs until Susie comes along and herds them back. No fur on the mouse babies.

Paul said Susie Hamster is a whacko because she took one of her babies on a jog in the hamster wheel. She was holding it in her mouth while running. I think she was on her way to put him back and decided to take a spin first. He told me he better not come home one day to find me on the treadmill with Cletus in my mouth squeaking like crazy. Well, darn! There go my plans!

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