Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Paul got to feel Cletus for the second time -- yay!

Updated belly pix. And speaking of belly pix, a story:

Miss Prissy is the hen from those old Foghorn Leghorn cartoons. In one episode Prissy goes hunting for a husband and Foghorn the rooster tries to get her to think that Dawg the dog is really a rooster in dog disguise. He tells her the way to a man's heart is through his stomach and sends her over to the dog with a melon to wave around and entice him with. She does this crazy little melon dance all around the dog who is sleeping in his doghouse. He wakes up, gets all excited and barks at her. Then he starts to chase her because he's gotten angry and want to eat the melon. She's THRILLED to be chased!

We saw this episode in the last month or so and we both found Foghorn's instructions and Prissy's subsequent melon dance hysterical. "Show him the melon, but doooooon't let him have it! You gotta teeeeease him a little," explains Foghorn to the attentive Miss Prissy.

A few days after we saw it, I remembered the cartoon coming out of the shower. So I didn't bother getting dressed after towelling off and went to go find him in the dining room.

I didn't say a word -- I just held my very large, round pregnant stomach in my hands and started waving it at him and then taking it away and doing this wacky little naked gyrating dance all around the dining room table and he kind of laughed and looked at me like I'd gone insane.

"Honey, what on earth are you doing? Are you just being weird?"

"No. I'm doing a Miss Prissy dance and tempting you with my melon, " I answered and shook my stomach at him again. "I gotta teeeeease you a little."

Then he *really* started laughing and chased me all the way to the bedroom while I screamed in my best Prissy voice, "Ooooooh, a maaaaahhhhhnnn!"

Every once in a while I still wave my stomach around at him when we're out on the town and it cracks him up every time. That's me. The Lewd Belly Thruster.

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