Monday, November 17, 2003

Kathy, the doula coordinator called and after lsitneing to her descirbe my other 2 matches I told her we were happy with Michelle. (I don't know why I was calling her Rochelle.) The 2nd match is in Hawaii and doesn't get back til a week before my due date and the third lives farther away than Michelle does so since I liked her on the phone I am going to go with her. We'll meet after Thanksgiving.

So the weekend... every year for the last 3 years or so I try to book us an anniversary weekend mini-vacation. The first was to go mountain biking in Croom, the second we wound up having a spa weekend at the Wyndham, this year we had to postpone it a bit because of morning sickness in August but we finally got to this month. Originally it was going to be Universal Studios themed but we scaled it back to just being away. I'm feeling too waddly to deal with theme parking.

Friday. While I popped into the endoc. to get my lab drawn, Paul went next door to mail all these things he was supposed to have done earlier but didn't get a chance to do. The nurse doing my lab asked me if I was expecting an donce I said I was, if it was a single or twins. We did groceries on the way home, unloaded them, fed the pets, and then played video games for a while. Then we left for our 4 PM check in time at the Westgate Lakes Resort and Spa. We stopped at Target to get camera batteries and the cashier asked Paul if we were expecting. He had a funny but pleased expression on his face -- it might be the first time someone directed the question at him rather than me.

Check-in was very quick and we got to our room. It was very nice at a good location at a decent price. Anyone coming to Orlando to do that whole tourist thing who is going to rent a car for their stay would def. do well to stay there. We lounged about reading all this tourist info packet stuff and then we watched trashy TV until dinner time. We went down I-drive with the idea that we'd stop when we saw something tasty but we drove the whole length instead and ended up in the Belz shopping area at Van's Skate Park.

I think Paul secretly wants to give it a whirl -- I told him I'd rent him equipment for a session if he wanted to come back after dinner but he didn't quite take me up on it. He's got to get over his shyness first and the idea that he might be too old to play around on skateboards. Mostly it is the shyness though because the "too old" stuff is crap. Sure there were a lot of kids/teens there, but in the really BIG pool and BIG ramps? It was all adult men with their wives and babies/toddlers watching them from the balconies. They were our age or older. I'll have to write to Lara to see if Dean would enjoy a day at the park with Paul when they are down for the holidays. I think if he goes with a friend he'd feel better about the shyness in new places thing. We spent more than an hour people watching -- Paul explaining to me what different people were doing or trying to do.

We went to Cattlemen's Steak House on the way back down I-drive and it was very good food. Paul told me ever since I've gotten pregnant we've been to more steak places than ever before previously. I told him since we'd NEVER gone to steak places before it wasn't hard to beat by going two times. He laughed. He's right though -- if I had to name the one odd pregnancy craving I've had it's steak. I'm normally not a steak person.

We'd talked about mini-golf but we were both too full so instead of going to Tiki golf we just went back to the resort and enjoyed the jacuzzi bath. Stayed up late watching bad TV shows. We don't normally watch it so it was amazing to watch all this junk on TV. We saw a LOT of bad stuff but "Jackass" probably tops them all.

Paul wouldn't let me change the channel because he wanted to watch the entire thing. He lay there under the covers giggling and I KNEW it was out of nostalgia so I punched him. Not that Paul's ever laid on the hood of a car and run gone through a car wash or run down the street in a dutch girl costume flashing people. But he HAS gotten into tubes and then been pushed down hill. And that stunt where they guy was trying to "skate" while strapped on to sanding belts? That's totally something he and his friends would have done. The climbing up a stepladder on snowboards going down a hill bit had him dying with laughter because if there was ever snow in Florida, that would have been something he'd have done also! Boys are demented. That's all I have to say.

Saturday. We slept in til noon and then we went to TooJay's for lunch. We bumped into Adam (co-worker of Paul's) and his girlfriend while there and chit-chatted for a bit. Paul joked on the way to the car that he was going to have give Adam a stern talking to on Monday because bumping into them entirely ruined the illusion that we were on vacation somewhere else.

We found a Barnes and Noble we'd never been to before and we spent a long time reading and looking at things. I picked up Misconceptions and Paul got another Terry Pratchett and a Christmas Carols book because he wants to learn to play them on the harp he just made.

Pit stop at a grocery to snag something for dinner. I hadn't realized we were going to have a kitchenette in our studio room otherwise I would have brough some food from the first grocery trip on Friday but oh, well. Then we tried to go swimming but Paul told me the water was way cold and when I stepped in to my ankles I agreed. It would have been ok for just me but I'm leery of too cold/too hot stuff with baby and all. We'll have to try swimming at the heated pool instead next weekend. Since the swimming was out we decided to walk around and explore the resort. It was probably 2+ miles roundtrip... we went all over the place -- by the lakes, by other pools, tennis courts, shuffleboard courts, the arcade, etc. I got a "menu of services" card from the Papillon Spa and Paul told me if I wanted to book an appt. for the next day to go ahead but I told him I already checked and they don't do pregnancy packages like I wanted. I just wanted the menu for my collection. We holed up again after that -- reading, more TV, long bath, dinner, etc.

Sunday. We checked out at 10 AM and went to breakfast at the Bistro McDonald's just because it was funny looking and their bistro menu cracked us up. Unfortunately we didn't get to try anything on the bistro menu because it was 10:30 and it was still breakfast. Went to Michael's to look at hobby stuff and to Petsmart to get a mouse wheel and then home for a nap. Later we popped in at Holly's to trade movies and visit for a while-- it was nice to chat.

Very restful weekend -- apart from doing nothing in particular, it was so good to get to just be together without interruptions. No phone, no family, no pets, no work, no baby discussions, just him and me.

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