Friday, November 07, 2003

27 weeks. Got Paul to give me a back and hip rub last night and It felt nice but I woke up early this morning hungry and with aching hips. It's weird how all my joints are suddenly so loose.

This evening when we went to go get a wedding card we popped into Motherhood to get me pantyhose and a maternity belt. I won't be wearing it around the house or to things like this wedding where I don't want it showing through or under clothing, but for running around town or walking around a lot I can see where it will come in handy. Cletus-the-fetus is getting quite large and the extra support feels really good.

Both Paul and the saleslady commented that I looked happier in it and that my posture was beter -- I didn't slouch forward with it on. So now I'm curious... exactly how big is this baby now anyway?!

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