Sunday, August 03, 2003

Yesterday I finished a blue, light blue and light green baby afghan. SO last night to use up the scrap sof yarn I had left I made a little sweater with a green top and sleeves, and then blue stripes on the bottom rather than a whole solid color one. Other than the sleeves I didn't have to attach any pieces and working from the neck down was a nice change. I like the seamless hat better than the hat pattern that went with the sweater so I made a green one. It's the same pattern I used to make Nancy's Jacob. Still had a tiny bit of blue yarn left so I tried to make some booties that tie with a ribbon and my goodness! I must have tried it two or three times before I got mad and just went with a different pattern. I may give it one more shot tonight but I swear the directions for the first pair must be screwy somewhere... The corn bunting I found cracked me up... I'll think about making it...

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