Monday, August 04, 2003

Had a nice weekend. Out to lunch and to spend our gift card from Karen Saturday, then took my parents to lunch and to price baby cribs on Sunday. I think mom and dad enjoyed visiting baby stores and looking at how different things are. I know my mom loooooves little shoes. She always complains about not having kept our Buster Brown and Dynamite Kid shoes. Dad and Paul had a good time playing with toys. Paul's come around to a splurge on a Britax car seat. We're going middle of the road on the stroller. The crib? Haven't yet narrowed that down but niether of us like the ones with plastic rail track fittings. He was laying down and looking under all the cribs complaining. I wanted a Simmons beauty rest baby mattress and that was no contest. Since I convinced him on a Simmons when we replaced our queen set he's been a convert.

Busy week ahead so we can enjoy our 3 day weekend. Fri and Sat we're planning on alone time and Sun. we have to take Iggy home to Angie, one of my SILs. We talked to her last night but I forgot to ask her the size of the new cage. (We're building her one.)

While she had me on the phone she told me that she and Donna (another SIL) have been talking about throwing me a baby shower. I told her that was really sweet of them and that I only had 2 requests -- that it be a "couples" shower so Paul can come rather than an "all girls" one, and that it be in Dec. or Jan so Karen can come because she won't be here for the birth. I don't know that I'm going to register any where for a baby shower. If people ask me what we'd like I'll probably just make a wishlist and people can go from there.

I'm not a name brand type of shopper and I'm totally fine with things 2nd hand. Paul and I plan on buying the major things ourselves so I don't want people overextending themselves. I got a lot of maternity clothes coming in the mail and I've been eyeing small toy lots and cloth diaper lots on ebay as well. We haven't had time to do to much of the thrift store circuit yet but that's always nicer in fall and winter when it is cooler.

Last night I didn't sleep well. All weekend my boobs felt too big and last night they were itching or throbbing. It was so bad I wanted to cry! I was surprised when I took a closer look that I leaked a drop of clear stuff from the right side. I wasn't expecting this kind of boobage problem so soon. Drag! :P

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