Saturday, August 30, 2003

  • What: mall walk
  • Duration: 10+ min

Had a 10 min walk on the schedule today but we did it at the mall so I have no stats beyond the fact that it was done. I got up early today and after getting Paul moving we opened a new checking acct. at the bank, ate lunch, went to CompUSA to get him another power supply, then off to buy a Simmmons twin matress/boxspring set for the twin bed so we can ditch the old set.

Paul laughed and told me as usual, we're still doing things "backwards." He meant that Cletus doesn't have a cosleeper or crib yet but he's got a twin bed set all ready.

Kinda threw up a bit today so I'm off to nap and take it easy for a while before we have to go out again to return movies.

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