Monday, August 25, 2003

I'm sitting here with my face getting tighter and tighter as this clay mask dries. Pregnancy is doing weird stuff to me. All of a sudden my face, neck, chest and back are super duper oily and my arms and legs are super duper dry. Then there's the contstant itch all over my stomach. Grrr!

[later at 10:45 AM]

Itch, itch, itch. Only now it's my nipple too! Had my morning appt. today with Terri (the midwife) but she wasn't there yet so the Dr. G (the OB) took it instead. Had blood drawn to check for defects and got papers to go have the glucose test done at another lab. I get another one around 24 or 25 weeks -- joy! Gained a bit since last month, no problems with the pee stick test. Looked for the heartbeat with that little doppler machine and Dr. G. joked that it must be a girl when the room filled with that fast, squidgy "badoompadoompadoomp" noise. Paul asked if there was any truth to that myth about fast ones being girls and slow ones being boys and Dr. G. said there wasn't anything scientific behind it but it was fun to guess... and that it was bound to be one or the other. We really like him -- such a jolly man.

[later at 1:06 PM]

Back from errands and feeling a bit disgusted with my cereal lunch. I wanted oat cereal and was thinking along the lines of Cheerios but then Lucky Charms was $2 off and I hadn't had those in years so I thought it would be a nice change. I don't remember all these colors or shapes of marshamallows. I just remember the yellow moon, orange stars, pink hearts and blue diamonds. And they certainly didn't turn my milk a greeny grey color! Ew. I also thing the oat cereal part was chunkier and more of it. I have a feeling I'm going to end up getting Cheerios after all to mix in with this and cut down on the marshamallow ratio.

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