Thursday, December 15, 2005

Simplicity isn't always simple

As New Year's inches along I've considered tangible resolutions like "Cut utility bill by 10%" or "Put 20% of income in savings."

While the utility bill goal doesn't affect anyone but us in our household, the other on puts a cramp on how we socialize with family and when and how we chose to entertain or gift.

How do I come out of the "voluntary simplicity closet" so people HEAR ME but don't take offense where none is meant?

I'm moving along a path that is very different from what I grew up with. I'm fortunate that my partner generally feels the same way about things even if he doesn't choose the exact same way of executing or practiving it. (ex: I went veg. and he did not).

I don't sense the same sort of support from family.

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