Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Hot Cocoa

Paul came to preschool on his lunch break for a bit. When Liz got back from her meeting I took Paul over to Barnes and Noble for hot cocoa and a treat. Carrot cake for me and a huge sugar cookie for him.

He laughed how it wasn't quite the same as lunch breaks from our early days. I told him we could move closer to work and revisit those lunch breaks from yesteryear. We wouldn't eat a thing. :)

It was nice to see him -- totally made my day.

Julia had fun playing at school. She was getting Elden and Cammie to pull her around in the wagon. She was also trying to feed Anne Marie.

Had an intersting converation with Lori towards the end of school. She combats the same things we do with the holidays -- excess gifts, the whoel circle time gift opening, unflexible grandparents, etc.

I'm glad to have a sympathetic ear but I'm sad that other young moms have to deal with that crap.

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